MISSION: To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in North America

Dear Friends, Join us for a vibrant cultural celebration at the RANA Holi 2024 Color Festival! Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and heritage of Rajasthan as we bring the Festival of Colors to life.

Event Details

  • Date and Time: March 24th, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Location: ICC Milpitas, 525 Los Coches St, Milpitas, CA 9503

Celebrate with Us

  • Theme: Just play Holi in Rajasthan Theme with Safa
  • Activities: Enjoy playing with vibrant colors, savoring refreshing Thandai, and indulging in delicious Rajasthani food. Get into the groove with DJ and Dhol music, Bollywood songs, flash mob dancing

Ticket Information

  • Non-Members: Adults $25, Kids under 12 $15
  • Members: Adults $22, Kids under 12 $13
  • Purchase TicketsBuy Tickets Here
  • Early Bird Discount: Secure your all-inclusive Holi Hungama 2024 tickets at a discounted price before March 1st, 2024.

Additional Notes

  • Mission: Our mission is to preserve and promote the culture of Rajasthan, fostering unity within our community and beyond.
  • Directions: Find your way to the celebration via Google https://maps.app.goo.gl/TV7PLuSKHcFmHz8z7
  • Experience the ultimate Holi celebration with vibrant colors, music, and delicious food! Join us for Holi Hungama 2024 – Just Play Holi

Don’t miss out on the most magnificent and biggest Holi celebration in the Bay Area!

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