MISSION: To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in North America
Naresh Bansal
Naresh Bansal, as the dynamic President of the Rajasthan Alliance of North America (RANA), epitomizes visionary leadership dedicated to the cultural, educational, and humanitarian missions of the Rajasthani diaspora in North America. With a robust background in as leader in business, he skillfully bridges traditional heritage with modern innovation, expanding RANA’s footprint in Bay Area . His commitment to philanthropy, youth engagement, and technological advancement has not only enriched cultural preservation but also propelled RANA into a new era of connectivity and impact, ensuring the vibrant legacy of Rajasthan continues to flourish among generations afar.
Sapna Dugar
Chand Mehta
Chand Mehta has been involved with RANA for many years. He is passionate about serving the community, promoting cultural heritage of Rajasthan and activities that have positive social impact. He and his wife Payal are resident of bay area since 2002 blessed with a daughter and a son.


Vikram Bhandari
Vikram is the CEO of Yantra Inc. a silicon valley technology company with offices in California, Pune and Bangalore. He has been involved in RANA for a number of years and previously held the President position. Vikram is stewarding RANA in its efforts to accomplish goals set forth in its strategic plan
Prakash Sharma
Prakash Sharma serves as the Vice President of Membership & Communication for the Rajasthan Alliance of North America (RANA), where he plays a pivotal role in expanding the organization’s reach and enhancing its engagement strategies. With a keen understanding of both traditional and digital communication platforms, Prakash has successfully implemented innovative initiatives to increase membership and foster a vibrant community dialogue. His efforts have significantly improved RANA’s visibility and interaction among the Rajasthani diaspora, ensuring a more connected and informed community. Prakash’s leadership in membership growth and effective communication continues to be instrumental in promoting RANA’s cultural, educational, and philanthropic missions.
Deepak Sisodia
Deepak Sisodia, a distinguished figure within the Rajasthan Alliance of North America (RANA), served as its President for two impactful terms, leaving a lasting legacy of growth and unity. His tenure was marked by a profound commitment to the organization’s mission of cultural preservation and community service. With a strategic approach, Deepak successfully expanded RANA’s reach, establishing deeper connections among the Rajasthani diaspora across North America. His leadership was instrumental in launching innovative programs that celebrated Rajasthani heritage. Deepak’s vision and dedication not only strengthened the community’s bonds but also set a high benchmark for future leadership within RANA.
Nirmal Jain
Nirmal Jain has been part of RANA for last several years. He did his engineering from Malaviya Jaipur and MS from Arizona State. Nirmal is known for remarkable involvements with San Francisco Bay Area communities and does lot of humanitarian and charitable work. He held RANA presidency during the year 2015 and was very instrumental in building relationships with other Bay Area organizations. Nirmal designs cutting edge next generation technologies and enjoys angel investing and real estate turnarounds.
Navin Singhania
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Tanvi Agarwal
Tanvi Agarwal is very hard working and passionate about Katthak nritya Shailly.  Performance in RANA events is heart touchy and breath taking with grace and eligance.
Kailash Kothari
Ripudaman Singh
Arvind Purohit
Leela Mathur
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Chetna Nathawat
Suresh Rajpurohit
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Jigneshwari Rajpurohit
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Sanjay Bhandari
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Abhinav Purohit
Aasthika Agarwal
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Nikki Sisodia
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Adhvika Mangal
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Lalaar Rajpurohit
Yash Sharma
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Arvan Sharma
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