MISSION: To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in North America
Chand Mehta
Chand Mehta has been involved with RANA for many years. He is passionate about serving the community, promoting cultural heritage of Rajasthan and activities that have positive social impact. He and his wife Payal are resident of bay area since 2002 blessed with a daughter and a son.
Deepak Sisodia
Pallavi Mangal
Garima Srivastava
Lovkesh Karwal
Lovkesh is passionate about preserving our rich culture and heritage. He is volunteering with RANA from many years.
Nirmal Jain
Nirmal Jain has been part of RANA for last several years. He did his engineering from Malaviya Jaipur and MS from Arizona State. Nirmal is known for remarkable involvements with San Francisco Bay Area communities and does lot of humanitarian and charitable work. He held RANA presidency during the year 2015 and was very instrumental in building relationships with other Bay Area organizations. Nirmal designs cutting edge next generation technologies and enjoys angel investing and real estate turnarounds.
Deepak Sisodia
Sunita Singh, Ph.D
Born in Rajasthan, Sunita is an accomplished executive, held management positions, a philanthropist, an art creator, and all things Rajasthani. She drives the vision for RANA striving to build RANA as a social platform. Sunita’s goal is to bring USA based Non-Resident Rajasthanis together to experience the Rajasthani culture and work together on social causes that impact our communities long term.
Nikunj Mehta
Nikunj led RANA in 2012 as the President. Nikunj has conceived and contributed to a number of new community Initiatives in RANA and has held many positions in prior years. Nikunj has a B.Engg from Mumbai University, Ph.D from University of Southern California and is currently the co-founder of Falkonry – a technology company.
Vikram Bhandari
Vikram is the CEO of Yantra Inc. a silicon valley technology company with offices in California, Pune and Bangalore. He has been involved in RANA for a number of years and previously held the President position. Vikram is stewarding RANA in its efforts to accomplish goals set forth in its strategic plan.
Lalit Mathur
Leela and Lalit Mathur are the founding members of RANA and have dedicated themselves to the RANA mission for the past 25 years. They both are driven veterans who have touched many lives with their good work. Their commitment to move Rajasthan forward led the formation of Jaipur and Fremont sister city status.
Raj Nathawat
Raj Sa hails from small Village near Jaipur Devon Ka Vaas. He is an energetic and passionate community leader and a pleasure to work with. His tenure as president in year of 2009 brought RANA the ethnicity, the spirit and the passion to take RANA to new heights.
Sanjay Bhandari
sanjay is a technocrat innovating next generation technology for companies like IBM and Marvell Semiconductors. As the past President of RANA he was instrumental in organizing the Rajasthan Convention in New York.
Vinod Jain
Vinod is an enterpreneur, founder & CEO of Namo Solutions – a technology company with offices in California, Bangalore and Udaipur. As a past president of RANA he has demonstrated tremendous leadership and success in delivering to the RANA mission.