MISSION: To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in North America

Holi madness is coming to Fremont, California

Being away from India can be very disturbing especially in times of festivals and celebrations. You remember the old times in your country, during the festive moments when you had fun with your childhood friends and close relatives. It is very likely that you miss this exhilarating and joyful experience of your past, more so during a fun-filled festival like Holi. Well worry not, because the Rajasthan Association of North America have arranged the biggest Holi in bay area this 30thof March with their RANA Holi 2019. Be prepared to reminisce the flavor of Holi as Bollywood music and unlimited colors are going to turn the skies of Mission San Jose Park, Fremont, California into a colorful visage.

RANA Holi 2019 promises to bring to you raw and unabridged Holi hungama that will remind you of India and make you forget that you are celebrating the festival of colors in a country far, far away from home. With reasonably priced tickets, this festival is open to all and also provides many complementary items to make the day even more delightful. Tea, lunch, thandai and free parking are some of the perks that you get as part of the tickets. Come become one with the madness of Holi this 30thof March at RANA Holi 2019.

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