MISSION: To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in North America
Our goal is to support our community in business and commerce through ventures that impact our local communities and Rajasthan. The RANA Entrepreneurship Center is a one stop location for entrepreneurs and small business who would like to start a business in California or grow their existing business.

RANA offers free or at nominal cost services to incubate your business in the form of mentoring services, single window clearance for projects in Rajasthan and assistance in fund raising and operations setup.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You should be an existing business in Rajasthan and wanting to expand in USA or a business in USA wanting to setup operations in Rajasthan or have a start up idea that needs be incubated.
  • You are RANA member in good standing

Services Offered

  • Mentorship – based on your business focus, you will be assigned to a mentor. RANA mentors are successful entrepreneurs in different fields ranging from ecommerce, hospitality, Information Technology, healthcare, software and hardware, arts & handicrafts, construction and real estate.
  • Workshops – avail of our workshops and one-on-one training sessions to fine tune your business plan
  • Fund Raising Assistance – based on the project feasibility RANA will help in introductions and facilitate meetings with various government and private funding organizations
  • Incubation services – offers space and support services to get your business going
  • Clearance – RANA works with its partners and the government of Rajasthan to offer single window clearance of projects that require government approval

If you have a project where you think we can help, please email us at info@rana.org