MISSION: To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in North America

Rajasthan Association of North America, acronym, RANA is planning to hold its annual Holi celebration program on 26th March, 2016 at Cardoza Park, Kennedy Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035, CA which holds much fun to come and beckons gleefully. As for the Holi celebration under the tenure of RANA this year, more than 3,000 people are expected to congregate to immerse in the celebration of colors that is Holi. This event not only promises enjoyment but also a cultural fest steeped in cultural integration and information.

As far as history goes, RANA was established in 1986 and has, since, served as a non-profit, non-religious NGO in environs as diverse as the world accounts for. As an NGO of cultural and diversity interest areas RANA has been playing a crucial and instrumental role in educating and actively promoting cultural interactions. In line with RANA’s aim and motive, the NGO holds aloft and fast on the best of Indian traditions and make them meet the needs of multiculturalism and integration. RANA tirelessly continues this tradition of service of cultural melting pot through education, community and cultural development in California, USA.

Although Holi is an Indian festival, it has gained reputation as an eminent celebration which streaks colors in the mind at its mere mention. This RANA Holi also holds true to that tenet, attracting people from a platter of whole lot different cultures as well as from mainstream Bay Area community. Besides the expectant attendance of the locals, RANA Holi celebration will be graced by many international dignitaries. As the festival of Holi implies, there will be a lot of color throwing and playing which is the charming practice of this festival, accompanied by traditional beats that engenders some rocking dance prompting Bollywood numbers. All that activity will evoke hunger pangs which will be taken care of by hot and spicy traditional Rajasthani cuisine served for lunch which will also replenish energy levels and pave way for more dance and play well into the ceasing of the celebration.

President of RANA, San Francisco Bay Area, Lovkesh Karwal has this to say regarding the Holi celebration hosted by RANA this year, “We are proud to bring Holi celebrations to Bay Area every year. It gives immense pleasure to see such a mix of cultures coming together under one banner to experience the ability of people to unite and transcend boundaries of race, caste, culture, age and gender; or simply having rejoiced the array of cultural performances.” Holi is a grand and unique festival of colors, friendship and harmony. It attracts a diverse cross section of Americans and folks from Indian origin. Each year, RANA Holi is growing in popularity and importance .Everyone is invited to come and make memories that last a lifetime.”

To add mirth and extra Rajasthani touch to RANA Rainbow Holi, 500 Rajasthani safas (Rajasthan turbans) will be distributed for the donning. The 5,000 pounds of color powders are eco friendly and organic – RANA is very meticulous in the color powders used. Camels and elephants exclusively shipped from Rajasthan will add a grand and striking factor to RANA Holi. RANA Holi celebration is the biggest Holi organized in California and it’s waiting to blow minds away with its Indian colorful ethos.

RANA Holi celebration 2016 is not only for fun, it’s for understanding and integration also. The significance behind Holi, it marking harvest and denoting fertility is expounded and the heralding of the coming of spring through an explosion of color in a riotous celebration back in India is reflected on. Holi symbolizes togetherness and breaks age, race or economic barriers as vivid colors are splashed with gulal, the Holi quintessential colored powder either in water mixture form or powder form on people – in India Holi is celebrated full throttle in parks, town squares and public spaces where large crowds have a ball getting colored from head to toe, to the eruption of folk music in absolute rapture.

Holi is associated with Hindu mythology and originally it was known as Holika. There are many legends associated with Holi and one of it speaks of Hindu Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna derived great delight in applying colors on Radha and the gopis (His hand maidens). The story has it as Krishna querying His mother Yashoda on why He was dark while Radha was fair. Yashoda suggested playfully that He should smear color of His choice on Radha’s face and Krishna liked and toed the idea. That was how the play of colors became an integral part of the Holi festivities.


RANA, has, every year hosted Holi, each bigger than the last, promising and delivering play of colors, upbeat music, thandai (spiced milk), chai (tea), Indian lunch and lots of fun for everyone who attends – this year will be the same and hopefully in the years to come. Rainbow Holi is the theme given and it literally will be a rainbow of colors at RANA Holi.

Come one come all to RANA Rainbow Holi set to paint the town red on 26th March 2016 from 11.00 am to 3.00 am at Cardoza Park, Kennedy Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035, CA!

RANA Rainbow Holi can be visited at the Facebook Page at: http://www.facebook.com/ranabayarea.

RANA Holi 2016 tickets can be purchased online at: http://rana.org.


CONTACT: Prakash Sharma

Email: comm@rana.org

Phone: 408-359-7262

Photographs of RANA Holi celebrations from Holi 2016