MISSION: To preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in North America

Be a Sponsor

RANA is grateful for corporate sponsors that allow us to serve our community. A range of financial and in-kind sponsorship opportunities are available. We would be pleased to tailor a package to suit your specific business and marketing objectives.

Sponsorships can be aligned with a specific program of RANA, or one of our high-profile fundraising events. In return for your support, we can offer a variety of acknowledgements, staff and stakeholder engagement opportunities, networking opportunities, and complimentary invitations to events.

Key Sponsorship Events

  • Holi – The Indian festival Holi is similar to Spain’s Tomatina where people play with colors. RANA’s Holi is celebrated in March-April time frame every year and attracts more than 1,500 people including celebrities, business leaders, city and state officials, and media
  • Rajasthan Day – Rajasthan day brings together art, culture and food all under one roof.
  • Diwali – Also called the festival of lights is celebrated in October-November time frame  This event has progressively grown into a high profile annual celebration attended by 200-300 prominent Californians, attracting significant media coverage.
Our past sponsors include Wells Fargo Bank, Bank Of America, State Bank Of India, and others.